About Us

When and Where:

Established January 01, 1993

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 1238 W. 41st St.

sandtrax license plate

Sandtrax Plate

Early Days:

With a mad passion for riding and racing Quads (four-wheelers), together we combined our ideas and efforts to always go faster, always go farther, and always have fun. As far as the performance we leaned far to the tuning fork (Yamaha) brand more than the others. If you remember those back-in-the-day times, the Banshee was either loved or hated. If you were onboard with the machine, Sandtrax was the place to go. We twisted those motors like no one else did. When I say twisted I mean, we not only tuned them we rode and raced them…and we won on the Banshee.

The competition rode the 250R (Honda) and we didn’t exclude those enthusiasts. We developed our knowledge and the Ride Red crowd trickled in pretty fast. The two machines couldn’t be any more different but so much alike in the speed department. Cutting this story to the chase, our growth moved at a really quick pace. We had to service a variety of machines and the industry was on fire.

Manufacturers were battling for the dollars that our crowd wanted to spend. The models were abundant and available for all ages and sizes of riders. You didn’t have to race, you could enjoy trail riding for the scenery, dune riding for the plush terrain, and many parks and riding areas were identified and welcomed the overnight campers or just the casual day riders. As the interest grew, so did our offerings.

Aftermarket accessories were available but our buying experience was lacking the availability to touch and feel the product. Oklahoma isn’t California. The West coast had the shops, the parts stores, and places for the buyer to pick up a product and be hands on. Midwesterner’s were limited to catalogs and OEM dealers that could order the same stuff but couldn’t educate us on the install or the reason to buy, or not buy in some cases. The decision was made by us to Do Things Our Way.

Customer first. Quality first. Service first. Wait, Wait, Wait. Quality and Service with the Customers best interest first. Sandtrax began testing the market utilizing the garage method. Didn’t take long that everything was too small, including the garage. We’ve been located at 1238 W 41st St – Tulsa Oklahoma – easy exit from Hwy75, just North of I-44. Soon we needed more room for more quads and we changed Units, acquiring more space same location. Seems like we’ve never not been cramped for space, we changed Units again until we busted the seams this time and decided to expand by making our own space. Today we are happy to offer our customers a Retail Showroom (the bathroom is a main attraction) and our Service Shop has gained some elbow room to bring the whole package.

Always ATV only Now including SxS:

If it’s got two-wheels we don’t have anything for you, accept offer riding apparel. Strictly ATV (3 or 4 wheels) and UTV (some come in with 3 wheels but always leave with 4) products, services, and performance. The best one-on-one buying experience you’ll find. Because we take the time to investigate before we recommend, we can deliver a bang-for-the-buck like nobody else. The transition from ATVs to include UTVs hasn’t been a breeze but it’s a natural transition as the industry changes. We invite you to come in, see the place and if we can we will make you a happy client and build on a friendship.

Ken Snider


Sandtrax innovATiVe performance

1238 W. 41st St. – Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107


Shop hours: Tues,Wed,Fri: 10am to 6pm. Thur: 10am to 10pm. Sat: 9am to 4pm.