Championship winning performance, whether you’re a Weekend Warrior or the enthusiast in need of a repair on your farm or hunting ATV/UTV. Sandtrax offers full service and repair for all major brands of ATV/UTV excluding the semi-popular Chinese brands. Those brands don’t offer readily available replacement parts and we can’t stand behind them. Wouldn’t stand in front of them either.

You won’t find the years of experience that we offer when it comes to servicing your ATV/UTV and the services we offer utilize some of the best tools and techniques available to the industry. Some but not all services and repairs are listed below:


Dyno tuning on the in house Dynojet ATV/Kart dyno by appointment only – Wednesday thru Friday. Currently only able to dyno tune ATV and the occasional racing go kart. Sandtrax stocks most carburetor jets for all major carb brands like Mikuni, Keihin, Lectron, and Dynojet kits. Extensive experience in fuel injection programming for all major brands of fuel programmers.

With over 80,000 documented dyno pulls we are confident that we will be able to tune your ATV for peak performance and longevity. We will soon be able to offer dyno tuning and clutch tuning for any UTV up to 80 inches wide including all four seat models.


Complete engine building services from minor repairs like a stripped drain plug to a full major engine build.


Cylinder boring and honing for two stroke and four stroke cylinders. Nikaseal plating for current two stroke and four stroke models. Sometimes it is economical to replate a cylinder versus replacing a cylinder. We work with you to determine which method is the better path for your model and your budget. Aftermarket cylinders may be an option due to cost or performance increase. We can also remove, clean and repair two stroke power valve systems.


Four stroke head porting, two stroke cylinder porting, oversized valves, stroker crankshafts, big bore cylinders. All porting is done by Sandtrax in house unless you want CNC porting and we have that available.


Clutch tuning available for ATV/UTV models. We use the top clutch products in the industry to ensure you are putting all that horsepower to the ground. Service and repair all clutch systems either conventional or CVT.


Carburetor cleaning is one of our specialties. Sandtrax is one of the few shops around to utilize a commercial ultrasonic cleaning system to ensure the best cleaning procedure possible without damage to your carburetors internal plastic and rubber components. Everything is visually inspected prior to disassembly and then your carburetor will go thru our two-step cleaning process. Utilizing a proprietary cleaning solution that is formulated for ultimately cleaning aluminum parts. The solution is heated to 150 degrees and the parts are submersed into the ultrasonic tank where twelve commercial grade transducers go to work, cleaning passages and parts that cannot be cleaned physically by hand. Parts are removed from the tank with zero varnish and contaminates. Next, we inspect all parts prior to the reassemble of the carburetor. Float level setting will be set and air/fuel screws are reset back to previous settings unless they are out of specification. We also offer fuel injector cleaning.


Most brands of OEM and aftermarket shocks. Same as our carburetor cleaning procedure we will clean your shock prior to disassembly with our enclosed pressure wash cabinet that heats the water and citrus soap solution to 150 degrees and sprays at 300 psi ensuring a very clean part prior to disassembly. Your shock will be disassembled and inspected for any wear or damaged internal parts. Next, all parts will go through our solvent system followed by the ultrasonic cleaning system. After cleaning, all parts will be inspected and all bad or warn parts will be replaced and then the shock will be reassembled to factory or manufacturers specifications.


Most CV axles either OEM or aftermarket. CV boots get punctured or torn often, replacing the boot in a timely manner will extend the life of the CV joint. CV boot replacement involves removing the axle from the unit for disassembly and cleaning all foreign matter that can shorten the life of the CV joint. Outer boot can be replaced without removing the axle from the unit but the best procedure is to remove the axle for proper cleaning. Certain models and axles can be replaced with an aftermarket axle that carries a warranty. This can be discussed prior to work being done.


When the inevitable happens and you crash your ATV/UTV, we offer full rebuilding services and we will work with your insurance company to get you back riding as soon as possible. Repairs as mild as a bent suspension part to complete frame replacements. If you have a damaged part it is a great time to consider upgrading to stronger parts to ensure more strength and durability. Sometimes aftermarket parts are less expensive and better than OEM parts.


Sandtrax fabricates exclusive parts and provide custom fabrication per customers request. Repairs sometimes will need to be braced, like an eyelet that gets ripped on the frame. This is a modification that we do often. Custom light bar tabs and brackets and speaker mounts are also fabricated in house.


Complete service work from oil changes, tune up, differential oil changes and air filters to spark plug replacement. Some ATV/UTV units do not have a way to monitor hours ran or miles traveled. These units have to be monitored more closely for when they need to be serviced. We can explain what to look for to determine if a unit needs to be serviced. Units may not have a lot of miles but will have a lot of run time. An air-cooled motor will break oil down faster than a water-cooled motor. An hour of recreational riding is different than an hour of drag racing. An hour meter doesn’t tell the full story.


Another one of our specialties is customizing your ATV/UTV and making it “Your Own”. Complete unit disassembly to powder coat and chrome plate and reassemble. We carry a complete line of aftermarket parts and accessories to separate your ride from every other person’s ride. From recreational rides for the dunes to top level race prepped ready for any form of racing that you want to do. We have been there and done that to help you get the most bang for the buck!


We utilize some of the best equipment available. Most motorcycle shops won’t invest in the caliber of equipment that we have. We realized a long time ago that our customer base wasn’t the average customer so from the beginning we have invested in some of the best tools and resources out there within reason. Taking our service work to a complete next level. Equipment like Dynojet dyno, Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaning system, Graymills Tempest pressure wash cabinet, Safety-Kleen recycler parts cleaner, Kwikway boring bar, Sunnen honing machine, rotary 2 post lift, bead blast cabinet and soda blast cabinet, Miller tig welder and some of the best hand tools made to ensure we deliver the best quality service and repair and builds.

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