Sandtrax is teamed together with the best ATV/UTV product delivery systems available. Our vendors work hard with us to meet demand, suggest trends, and provide best pricing possible with the guidelines in place that ensure our business is the best in the region. These relationships didn’t just come together overnight. Multiple meetings, phone calls and strategy sessions have been happening for years and continue to happen weekly if not daily.

Have you ever said, but I can get it cheaper on the internet? Of course, you have because sometimes you can. We don’t deny doing business from your couch is easy and affordable. In the end you can be left with parts in hand and no time to move forward with your install. Here’s another but…but can I bring Sandtrax the parts I bought online and you will put them on for me, right? No and for multiple reasons. We can’t stand behind the parts that we don’t receive from our vendors. Ever heard the term breakage? How about meltdown? If we bring butter to your pancake party can you promise we won’t get sick?

Sandtrax offers all major brands of parts and accessories that can be found anywhere. Western Power Sports (WPS) has been a great partner of ours for many years. MTA Distributing has long been bringing the goods we put on the showroom floor. Tucker Rocky now known simply as Tucker, has come on board the most recent years to widen the catalog choices we can offer. And that is to just name a few. If it’s made and available today, we do our best to have it in house by tomorrow. When? BY TOMORROW!

How is that for not letting the delivery guy leave it on your porch until get home from work or the establishment you stop at on the way home from work. We order it. We receive it. We install it.

ATV/UTV Tires – Wheels – Combos

With so many applications needed it’s practically and economically impossible for us to have a warehouse full of tires and wheels. To better serve your wants and needs, we choose to market what we feel are great products for a great price considering the knowledge provided us by the user. Whatever you choose if it’s not the size and style we have on the floor we will do what we can to have your choices within one day delivery. We carry a large selection of tires and wheels that are a good fit and finish for the terrain that our riders are encountering in the midwest. From sand dunes to rock crawlers from recreational riders to racers we can get you “HOOKED UP”.

ATV/UTV Add-on accessories

Rather than sell you what we have today, we work with you to design for your needs. Custom only means custom when it is what you want not what we have. Nothing worse than buying a new ATV/UTV and showing up to a local riding area and your ride looks just like everyone else’s! We stock a very large assortment of accessories to make your ride unique and meet your needs on the track or trail.

ATV/UTV Winches – Tie-downs – Ratcheting straps

You often hear the saying, “it’s not if, but when”. That can reference a lot of things and getting stuck is one of them. Without a doubt, one of the most overlooked items on a UTV and some utility ATVs is a winch. Getting stuck in the woods or in a creek or river bottom can be a scary situation, especially if your alone. It’s a great idea to have a quality winch and we always recommend the highest pound winch that will fit on your vehicle. The weight of the machine drastically increases when you will be stuck. We carry some of the best winches in the industry from OEM, Warn, FI and Quadboss. From 2,000 lb to 5,000 lb. Most winch applications will usually require a mounting plate and accessories like remote control which we can install in our service department.

When transporting your ATV/UTV always to remember to match the Tie-down or Ratchet straps to the vehicle weight. We stock a wide range of Tie-downs and Ratchet straps to secure your ride for a safe trip.

ATV/UTV Exhausts

This is an area where Sandtrax has tested the best. You can buy the most popular and still not be the fastest. True Dat! Just because it’s the most expensive system on the market doesn’t mean it’s made numbers on the dyno. Not only that but it also might not meet your riding style or experience. One thing we see often is not one manufacturer makes the best exhaust system for every single machine built. This is where our in-house Dynojet Dyno really shines showing losses and gains and at what RPM range. Also, seat of the pants riding and fit and finish also come into play helping you choose the perfect system for your ride! We also offer customer services for that new exhaust system if the aftermarket manufacturers don’t.  Like, powder coating canisters and even Cerakoting exhaust head pipes to insure a good looking system for a long time!

ATV/UTV Controls – Handlebars – Grips – Levers

Visit our showroom and actually feel the grips on a bar. Don’t trust what you see in the package, crack it open in person and see if it fits your hand. In a catalog there are pages of grips and bars and levers. With grips it’s more complicated than just colors. Different types of grips for different riding style and situations. A rider that rides in the mud will require a grip that is better suited for that kind of riding verses a rider that is looking for a grip that is more comfortable for longer rides.

Racers will sometimes run different grips for different types of racing. Just remember, in some situations the only thing your holding on to when things get sketchy, is the grips!

Handlebars are another simple item that can get complicated very quick with different widths and rises and sweeps and then you throw in those Fat bars! We can explain why there are so many different types of bars and get you comfortable with your new handlebar.

With UTVs we have a wide range of steering options like different steering wheels, larger diameter steering wheels and faster steering racks. Also, another option is 1:5 to 1 and 2:1 steering increasers along with high powered power steering units.

ATV/UTV Suspension

Did you know suspension system are designed for the rider not the other way around? We may ask the personal questions when quoting a suspension system. Questions like what kind of terrain are you most likely to encounter, what end of the power band do you typically ride at, how much weight are you carrying? Sound like something you hear when ordering online? Didn’t think so.

When we spec. out a suspension package there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. Shocks and suspension packages are very technical and are not cheap, there isn’t a shelf shock package that will work for any single situation! If someone tells you there is, then buyer beware!

Aftermarket suspension components like extended A-Arms or high ground clearance A-Arms or trailing arms and high clearance radius rods or extended swingarms are items that are extremely hard to stock due to so many different configurations. We are setup with all the top manufactures in the ATV/UTV industry. These items need to be chosen wisely due to the cost and application. We can work with you and explain options you may not have thought of when looking at upgrading or replacing these items.

ATV/UTV Drive Components – Axles – CV Joints and boots – Hardware

Don’t ignore maintenance of the critical parts before you need to use GPS to provide directions to be rescued. Axles in sport ATV’s will bend and break. This is a great time to evaluate your equipment and make the decision to possibly upgrade to an aftermarket axle that carries a warranty against bending or breaking. Most all OEM manufacturers will not warranty a bent or broken axle. UTV axles are very hard to get OEM manufacturers to warranty because they are considered a consumable like tires and brake pads. A ripped or torn CV axle boot can be replaced and help with the durability and longevity of the axle. We have the tools and the parts to repair and replace these boots. A broken CV axle is inevitable and some owners will carry a spare front and rear axle so they can be replaced on the trail or back at camp. We carry a range of different manufacturers axles that all carry a warranty against breakage.

ATV/UTV Fuel and Air Components

Another high maintenance component often skipped over. Let us show you why before you decide the why not. Air and fuel filtration are extremely critical in off road machines. Service intervals of both will drastically extend the life of your motor. We stock a wide range of filtration products and can go in depth of why we recommend one over the other. Drop by and let us CLEAR THE AIR on this subject.

ATV/UTV Electrical Components – Batteries – Chargers – Wiring – Switches

Everything takes a battery and needs a switch to be turned off and on. This is another area where we SHINE above the rest. Some ATV/UTV owners have a hard time with battery life and aftermarket electrical component installations. Owners don’t realize that just because you turn a component off it may actually not be turned off, like alarms, radios or speaker systems. If it has a remote it will still draw power even though the component is turned off. This is a parasitic draw on power and a major cause of dead batteries. A simple switch on a UTV can have up to 5 wires hooked to it and it can be a handful to install. We sell and install components that simplify the wiring process so you can work less and ride and enjoy more.

ATV/UTV Engine Components – Cylinders – Pistons – Rods – Gaskets

From day one, engines and performance have been our specialty! As engine demands become greater so do the components in those engines. If you are looking for an increase in performance or more longevity out of your engine we can accomplish those demands. In the event you have to do an engine rebuild or repair this is always a great time to upgrade. Often an aftermarket piston, crankshaft or camshaft can be substituted for an aftermarket part at a lesser price and also give you a performance gain. More bang for your buck, as always, your budget and performance goals are always priority one.

ATV/UTV Chassis and Frame

As racers and riders we often push OEM components like frames and suspension components to their limits. Our racing and torture testing helps us find weak links before you do, allowing us to suggest aftermarket gusset kits and bracing to allow you to stay and play longer. ATVs have a larger market of aftermarket frame manufacturers that we can source out to help you build that ultimate race or dream bike.

ATV/UTV Brakes

STOP IT! Seriously stop it! Brake systems are one component that the biggest percent of people overlook. You will be surprised at all the different types of brake pads on the market and why one is better suited for your type of riding versus another. Which brake rotor works best for your machine or type of riding or racing you may be doing. Do you need oversized rotors, special brake fluid, proportioning valves, stainless steel brake lines? Plenty of questions and we can explain the answers of whether or not you need any of these components.

Lubricants and Chemicals

Oils, greases, slick stuff and motion lotion (race fuel in stock). ATVs/UTVs all require some of the same lubricants that you would run in your family vehicle except they use oils and fluids that are specially formulated for these vehicles. Synthetic oils, 0w-40 oils, light viscosity transmission specific oils, high boiling point brake fluids, coolant options that work better than traditional antifreeze, friction modified engine oils, synthetic ester blend, hypoid gear oil, semi synthetic 2 stroke oil, castor based 2 stroke oils. It’s a confusing sticky mess but we can explain the differences to you and help you choose the lubricants that will work the best with your ride.

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